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Joram Roukes, “Paramnesia" at Thinkspace.

Opening on Saturday, July 19th at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California is Joram Roukes’s first solo show with the gallery, “Paramnesia.”  The show is an entire body of new work that Joram (Previously Featured) has created over the past six months and wherein juxtaposing elements of reality and fiction are purported on canvas in photographic detail.  Hit the jump below to check out some studio visit shots an awesome video of Joram explaining “Paramnesia!”

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Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty


More from the pet store I was at today! Look at this angel!

A couple only have eyes for each other at a Beatles concert in Wigan, 13 October 1964.

#i don’t know what i like more; vintage lesbians or the lady in front going fucking apeshit


Hans Breder

Comicon timez so ready (via Instagram)



Start and end your day right.

Deadmau5 has ascended.


Grimes, Pitchfork 2014.

okay, I’ll go back to lilac now